Home Design Ideas for Monsoon Lovers

Posted by Admin On Jul 07 , 2020

With monsoon just around the corner, it is time for the showers to envelope nature with a lush green cloak. We love the potent smells of the rain soaking parched earth. If you’re a rain lover like us, we’re sure you would love to open up your home to the gorgeous weather this time of the year.

Looking for ways to enjoy the rains from the comfort of your home? Read on for some inspiring home design and decor ideas that can help you make the most of the monsoons, year after year.

Swing it with a Hammock
A hammock in your balcony is the perfect spot to lie back and admire the cloudy skies. With the heavens pouring down, it’s a great time to settle down in a hammock with your favorite book. Make sure there is a small table at hand to balance your cup of steaming Tea and Cookies.
And if you can have a view like of these verdant mountain slopes, you’re in seventh heaven!

Light Up Your Home
Cloudy, overcast skies can make your rooms feel dark and dull. It is likely to make you feel gloomy and blue. Try to brighten up the room by adding some table lamps or floor-standing lamps. Stained glass lamps create a play of colored lights. Such bright additions delight the senses and add magic to your home design.

Add Breezy Curtains
Heavy drapes at the windows can dampen quickly and start to smell musty. Swap out the curtains for breezy, ethereal muslin drapes that will dry in a jiffy.
We love these white muslin curtains. They add the perfect finishing touch to this all-white bedroom. Note how the designer has created a lovely textural interest with the soft, quilted bed linen.

Hang Up Tinkling Wind Chimes
If you haven’t already put up wind chimes in your balcony, there’s no time like now. Make the most of the season by hanging pretty, delicate chimes right in the way of the monsoon breeze. Feng shui experts believe that the tinkling sounds of the bells help to balance out the energy in your home. The beautiful melodies soothe the senses and create harmony.
You can make this a DIY project and fashion your own chimes out of bamboo, wood or metal.

Create a Window Seat
To soak in the beautiful weather, set up a window space in front of a tall window. You can pile it high with comfy cushions and use the space below the seat for storage.
There are a few things that invite introspection quite as much as the sound of the rain pouring down the windows. This little kitty seems to agree!

Add a Skylight
A skylight is a lovely addition to any home design. They make it possible to catch a glimpse of the sky from within the room. If it’s possible to install a skylight in your roof you should surely do so.
Snuggle up in your cozy quilt and watch the raindrops dance off the skylight in this attic bedroom. Fall asleep to the sounds of the rain drumming against the large slanting glass windows set in the roof.

Add Colorful Eye Candy
When the atmosphere is dull and gloomy, give your home a shot of instant brightness. Bring out all the bright cushions and colorful throws. Put up some colorful abstract artwork on the walls to infuse some warmth and cheer. Display your artefacts in the colors of the rainbow to match the bright theme.
Pro tip: Avoid colors like blue and grey. These complement the gloomy weather and are likely to make the space dull. Add pops of warm yellows, lush greens and sizzling reds!

Try the Courtyard Living!
Homes with a central courtyard that is open to the sky have the perfect flow of spaces. They combine the best of indoor and outdoor living. In traditional village homes, the courtyard would be completely open to the sky. This would allow the rain to beat down into the central space.

Weather-proof Your Exterior Decks
Make full use of your deck or balcony to create a cozy, covered seating area to watch the monsoons. Make sure you use weather-proof furniture and exterior-grade wooden flooring.
Drink in the tranquility of nature’s hush after the storm, as you sit on your rain-swept deck with your loved ones. Quiet moments like these touch the soul and are etched into our memories forever.

Dos and Don’ts for the Monsoon Season

Here is a list of some dos and don’ts for the monsoon season. Make sure you keep them in mind!
 DO invest in some waterproof seating for your outdoor deck.
 DO damp-proof all your windows and doors and ensure that there are no gaps to let in the water.
 DO address any small leaks before the onset of the monsoon.
 DO put down washable, non-skid mats outside the foyer to prevent tracking in mud into your home.
 DON’T use heavy curtains that can get damp and not dry easily. Instead, use some thin cotton curtains.
 DON’T use rugs on the floor in the monsoon season. The air can get very humid, causing rugs to become damp even if they are not directly exposed to the rain.
 DON’T buy leather items. They can get damaged in damp conditions. Water strips the leather of its natural oils. If you have leather sofas, this is a good time to add slipcovers.
 DON’T repaint your walls during the monsoon. The paint will take longer to dry in damp conditions.
 DON’T take on any furniture polishing projects during the season. Polish does not ‘take’ easily, and you may not get good results.
Monsoon is the time of year that delights the senses and rejuvenates the soul. Let your home décor reflect the artistry of nature this monsoon season.

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