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This is one of the best interior design  project  executed by P2P. With  supreme architect ,designers P2P has delivered this project within due time achieving client  satisfaction. Countless home objects were mass produced inexpensively between 1837 and 1901, during Queen Victoria’s reign, making them available to individuals who previously would not have been able to purchase them. Victorian-style houses first appeared.


Dr. Saroj Kanti Chy Residence-Interior Design project by P2P

  • Approximate floor area: 3000 sft

  • Theme: Ultra Classical

  • Victorian-Classic furnishing

  • Ornamental bit

  • Bright ambience

The middle classes were able to become more prosperous during the Industrial Revolution and for the first time invest in the interior decoration and design of their homes. They started imitating the nobility right away and crammed their modern Victorian homes to the gills with decorations, furniture, and fabrics meant to flaunt their newly acquired wealth and rising social rank.