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This is a luxurious interior design project by P2P.This project combines modern furnishing with elegant cabinets and internal fountain. With supreme designers P2P has successfully delivered this project within the due time.

  • Theme: Classical Modern

  • Indoor prayer room

  • Modern Furnishing

  • Internal Fountain under staircase

  • Elegant cabin

  • Duplex

  • Approximate floor area: 4000 sft

Modern is a means of interacting with our society and making efforts to realize both our big and small ambitions. Even while I adore flat roofs just as much as the next guy, modernism is more than just aesthetics. It's not always a means to save money or build more efficiently, while both are admirable objectives. Modernism involves problem-solving, exploring various ideas, and expressing a little eccentricity. It explores authenticity, materials, and function. The work must, above all, reflect the times in which we live. This requires talent to accomplish. Not all of us have the ability to do it.