A Classic Victorian Style Duplex Vacation House in Green Serenity

Posted by Sidratul Muntaha On Feb 08 , 2022

Last decade has seen an uprising demand for Duplex houses in Bangladesh. VIP residential areas as well as private ancestral lands are being developed for such projects. A sunny beach house, a contemporary minimalist design or a luxury duplex, the choice for the perfect vacation house varies from person to person.

While choosing a suitable developer for such a delicate project, customers always find them in trance as to whom to choose. Although Bangladesh has a wide range of developer companies, non-resident Bangladeshis find it challenging to entrust a company with the responsibility of building their dream home. P2P is the nation’s leading hassle-free complete solution for building homes with perfection. Consisting of the strength of design, construction and building materials, along with a tech-savvy communication team P2P provides the absolute solution for such customers. 

A vacation house is a place where people go to relieve and retreat in peace. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, a vacation house fills our hearts with serene memories. Our mental palette gets refreshed, recharged, and revived.  P2P was approached by a client to work on a project with a view of building such a private vacation house. Away from the packed city, amidst the tranquility, a Victorian style classic house in the middle of secluded nature. This is what the main theme the team from P2P went with while designing the house.

Relishing nature with a hint of traditional luxury was the essence of the whole project. Keeping that in mind, the home was built in Victorian style. This single family bungalow in Victorian style covers the aesthetic of historical vibe and classy choice of intricate exterior and interior design.

The Victorian classical style bungalow is of 2 stories. A perfect symmetric approach is maintained in the whole design from landscape to building a form to ensure the classical design attribute. Large lawn, fountain, water body and seating area all the landscape design elements have been placed in a geometric way. The exterior of the house is a true embodiment of modern-day’s touch on Victorian style. Classic look with luxury elegance. Grand entry approach with classical decorative columns create a journey towards classic style. Central dome ensures lighting indoors. This  house is arguably the most charming and picturesque of all houses in the whole vicinity. 

Dark, rich color and bold prints among the interior design are the prerequisites of designing a Victorian house. Flooring should be dedicated to the use of patterned, encaustic floor tiles and stained or etched glass. Heavily carved, or plump, overstuffed furniture which can include button-back armchairs, sofas and ottomans add to the classic aesthetic of this type of home. This design of homes are built to be decorative. Expensive, opulent furnishings graced the interiors, while beautiful gables, eaves, and rooftop finials adorned the exteriors. Luxurious, elegant furnishings finesse the interiors, while beautiful balconies, canopies, and roof pointed arches adorned the exteriors.

This kind of private projects take 8 to 12 months only as P2P works as a one stop solution for building materials for the clients. This bold choice of exterior design is a specimen of P2P’s creativity and innovative characteristic. 

Satkania Upazila is under Chittagong district and only 2 hours drive away from the main city of Chittagong. This is a hub for industrial manufacturers but scenic beauty is still abundant in this Upazila. A classic-style vacation house amidst the greenery and serenity of this area? Ticks off the dream list of assets. 

 The team expects that the client will find the house to be a tranquil retreat. Some memories can only be savored in the comfort of one’s own home. This house will be a perfect suit for a holiday retreat with a touch of classic elegance.