Wecon Properties

Owning a flat or turning your land into a storied building, sometimes goes beyond your budget. When you resort to others for building your residential construction, some sufferings become inevitable. WECON is a super platform, an innovation of the P2P family, which reduces your construction expenditure, and crosses the boundaries of real estate operation that helps the landowners and people dreaming of owning a flat get it within your financial range. We have a team consisting of young, dynamic, and talented people who created the platform only to give you relief from all hassles you face during your residential construction through WECON.


No Hidden Square Feet :Promising our clients an apartment with complete, transparent, and authentic information is one of our most important commitments. Ensuring No Hidden Square Feet we deliver our clients a humble home to live happily and delighted with satisfaction.

Perfection in Quality: Plan to Perfection is Each and every step in constructing your dream home is done by ensuring superior quality and perfection. When quality is concerned, we never compromise in delivering maximum performance.

On Time Handover: We value the dreams of our valuable clients by handing over the projects within the promised time frame. We ensure On Time Handover through Efficient work speed and proper direction of construction procedures.

Spectacular Floor Layout: We have our very own expert architectural team, designing proper and convenient floor layouts that will resemble the standards of our valuable clients. A proper layout will be a lifetime benefit for living with happiness and safety.

Design, Build & Materials (In-house): We have the strength and purity of our in-house Design, Build & Materials, giving our clients the benefit of fast & smooth building and construction work. With expertise in planning and perfection in delivering standards, our materials have proven to be one of the best nationwide.