Our Story Of Making You Glamourous!

In an increasingly glamoured, Standardized & Sterilized World- P2P Family cherished to introduce a newly launching Stripe in P2P Family. Stripe is committed to being Elegance in every way starting from raw materials to the ready products. We believe to bring the Quality Products with The playing between fabrics & designs. In these Fashion World, We would like to provide the Best Outfit by designing our own using some local & also imported Fabrics. Stripe creates its own design assure with Quality & Comforts.

Infinity Corporation

Infinity Corporation excels to be a leading building materials provider in Bangladesh, that operates with the unique concept of “Design, Build & Materials”. We cover a wide range of building materials from stone to tiles. We value customers and provide quality building materials with optimum benefit for the customers.

Our Materials Include:

• Steel/Rebar

• Cement

• Ready mix

• Stone Chips

• Sand

• Brick

• Tiles

We can give you the best price, but how?

We follow the Japanese MUDA technique from lean management. We avoid the cost incurring steps from ordering to deliver the materials. We calculate transportation cost and avoid inventory to get the best price in market. Our expertise team ensures product quality, timely delivery and client satisfaction.

WECON Properties

Owning a flat or turning your land into a storied building, sometimes it goes beyond your budget. When you resort to others for building your residential construction, some sufferings become inevitable.WECON is a super platform, an innovation of the P2P family, which reduces your construction expenditure, crosses the boundaries of real estate operation that helps the landowners and people dreaming of owning a flat get it within your financial range. We have a team consisting of young, dynamic and talented people who created the platform only to give you relief of all hassles you face during your residential construction through WECON.


No Hidden Square Feet

Promising our clients an apartment with complete, transparent and authentic information is one of our most important commitments. Ensuring No Hidden Square Feet we deliver our clients a humble home to live happily and delighted with satisfaction.

Perfection in Quality

Plan to Perfection is Each and every step in constructing your dream home is done by ensuring superior quality and perfection. When quality is concerned, we never compromise in delivering maximum performance.

On Time Handover

We value the dreams of our valuable clients by handing over the projects within the promised time frame. We ensure On Time Handover through Efficient work speed and proper direction of construction procedures.

Spectacular Floor Layout

We have our very own expert architectural team, designing proper and convenient floor layouts that will resemble the standards of our valuable clients. A proper layout will be a lifetime benefit for living with happiness and safety.

Design, Build & Materials (In-house)

We have the strength and purity of our in-house Design, Build & Materials, giving our clients the benefit of fast & smooth building and construction work. Expertise planning and perfection in delivering standards, our materials have proven to be one of the best countrywide.

P2P Furniture

Furniture is another key component of your home. Bangladesh has seen a rapid demand for world furniture in recent days including readymade and customized furniture. Sometimes the price of imported furniture may go beyond your exchequer. So, here comes the P2P furniture that brings you world-class furniture within your budget. Assimilating the latest furniture technology, P2P established a state-of-art factory where furniture experts, designers, architects and carpenter march together to give you the best furniture that will meet your needs as well as your taste within reach.

Why Choose Us

Conceptual design & finest Development
Tending of clients preference
A diverse range of product pool
Automated fully equipped modern furniture factory
Hassle-free Installation & post-sales services.

What Do We Produce

1. Home Furniture

2. Office Furniture

3. Retail/Corporate Furniture

P2P Experience Centre

Home is what reflects your taste and elegance. Your story begins through your home. So, every part of your home needs to be designed in a scrutinized way to suit your taste.So, we present you with our country’s best largest experience centre and it is designed in such way that meets your every building material and finishing goods requirements under one roof where we have a wide range of products from a renowned international brand, Bangladeshi brand as well as our own brand that too within your budget.Being one-stop solution centre, it adds some values such as saving time, ensuring quality products, expert product specialists suggestion and senior architect consultancy and finally add better value to your money.

The Products We Bring To You

Tiles, Marble, Granite, Lighting, Electrical solution, Furniture, Sanitary, hardware, Aluminium profile, Ceiling and Glassworks, Curtain solution, Kitchen cabinet, Wallpaper and Wall panel
, Home decor, Paint solution, Automation, Power solution.

Why Choose Us?

Home is where everyone’s story begins, and if the home is a fairy tale within itself, you are just a This arena is the state of art exploit where you will be truly fascinated & will find a varied range of masterpiece collection under one roof. From top to bottom & inside to outside, any speck is available at our soothing ambience.

P2P Engineering & Construction

Within a decade, the economic scenario of Bangladesh has seen a rapid change in its growth which ultimately lifted it from LDC bringing recognition of the developing country. In its economic journey, the construction sector has been playing a key role. The problems the sector face currently are lack of expert manpower, delay in project implementation, failing commitment and quality compromise.
The complete structure of your home or commercial establishment will be shaped up by utilizing sophisticated construction technology by our P2P Engineering and Construction team. For this to happen expert engineering construction team, architect and field workers- will have great teamwork to turn your dream into a consummate reality. Your time, safety and ensuring quality are of great importance to us.

Services Offering

We have different strategies to meet the needs of our diversified clients. The services we provide are given below:

1. Structural Design

2. Civil Construction

3. MEP Design & Implementation

4. Construction Supervision

5. Steel Structure

6. Project Management

7. Retrofitting & Renovation Work

Why Choose Us?

Time Saving Solution

As a one-stop service provider, we bring you all necessary product and service under one roof for which you don’t need to roam around. As we adopt the latest technology in construction, you for your convenience, we believe in a one-stop solution that also increases efficiency. We provide all products and services from our in-house units, with SPC piles and pre-engineered buildings saving up to 50% of the time.

Cost Saving Solution

Since you will be able to save up to 50% of your time, you can enter the market faster and start production much quicker. This will significantly lower your cost of financing (IDCP) the project, resulting in quicker market entry for your product. Thus you’ll be able to recuperate your investment by selling your product while lowering the overall cost of the project as well!

Ensuring Safety

Every life matters, whether it is our workers and pedestrians. This motto prompts us to take utmost safety measure during an ongoing project. Safety methods that we prefer most include site protection, safety on equipment’s, personal safety, safety at scaffolding and public safety.

After Sales Service

We are committed to creating a lasting relationship with our clients, and as such there will be continuing support even after handing the project over to you. Our dedicated after-sales management and maintenance team will take care of any problems that may arise after the project completion.

P2P 360

P2P360 is committed to building a society in which our expert architect and designers will contribute to the perfection we desire. People fall into haywire when they decide to build their dream home as there is no one-stop solution available under one roof in this regard. People deserve a one-stop solution but regrettably, the lack of such facilities makes them suffer most.

One-Stop Solution

P2P360 ensures of those hassle-free ones stop architectural design, interior, construction solution with the materials support has won the heart & the mind of people, we focused on client satisfaction ensuring the requirement beyond their expectation. The latest building technology and design concepts are practised to attain the best quality work to be delivered on time and within budget. Being the pioneer in bringing the one-stop solution under one roof, P2P360 will leave its hallmark of excellence in its effort.

Perfectionist in Designing

P2P360 is the perfectionist when it comes to integrated design for the built environment, encompassing master planning, architectural design,3D, commercial building design, office design, landscape, interior, lighting, and furniture design. P2P360 has been successful in several aspects of the field. We have been involved in projects around the country and we have a wide range of experience in different construction projects.